*today is one of the days…*


1.When was the last time that anyone asked you a “How are you??” gineunly???

When was the last time that you said “I’m Great” with a full-bloomed smile that brightened up your whole face???

When was the last time you told someone “I miss you” or “I love you”??

When was the last time you did something for someone who is not a friend or family to you??

When was the last time you saw a beautiful smile or a tear of joy when you did something for someone???

When was the last time you found happiness in a rainbow or getting wet in the rain???

When was the last time you laughed so hard that your sides ached like hell??

When was the time you finally realized that life is full of beauty??



Do you know that life may reach a point where it is just monotonous.Going window shopping would become a big adventure.

Seeing your enemy would bring you such a happiness.

It may also be the point, where you know you have to make a U turn to something else,

or sure you can continue as you are now.

Day in, Day out you would be doing the same thing.

Meeting the same people.

and thinking the same thing.

Changes become so rare, you would be a alien to the real life.

Emotions would be buried so deep that

they would become inexistent.

Happiness would be represented by a mere smile

that means nothing to you other then politeness.

You would blend with the background that no one

would notice you.

Things would change,

but you would remain the same.

Life is a repetition till it ceases to nothing for you.

When you die,

you tomb stone would read

here lies a man/woman who lived a life that

his existence was only known in his death.


About Illakiyaa

அவ்வப்போது ஏற்படும் எண்ணங்கள் கிறுக்கல்களாக தோன்றும் இடம் இது.

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