More randomness….


I want to see all these movies….

1. Spiderman 3

2.Shrek 3

3.Pirate of Caribbean 3



5.Nancy Drew

That would cost me about 50 bucks and my mum would just chase me out of the house.

I hope I hope I hope I will somehow watch these moviess like maybe if some kind soul(s) will treat me to these movies… 😉

These guys are HOT!!!! A tribute to them.. 🙂

ok I know William Peterson isnt Hot but still I like him…

HOT!!! HOT!! HOT!!!

What is a childhood without reading Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl books or what is a teenage life without reading Nancy Drew, HArdy boys and sweet valley books?? At I loved all these books.

I even wanted Nancy and Joe Hardy(I think thats his name, not sure) to become a couple. That would be so romantic. But it never happened…*sobz*sobz*

So i shall end my randomness here…

On another note, I am going to orchard and gonna loiter around with my frens. So long since I have seen them last. Waiting for it.. 🙂

I just want to blog and blog but I have nth more to blog about..


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