I was seeing this movie called Closer.

There were four people whose lives get intertwined.

For one thing, Jude Law is cute. Duh!!!

And Julia Roberts is not that pretty after all…

and it came as a surprise that she actually took on this role. She looks so goody goody to talk all the trash talk she did.

Natalie Portman is very pretty and also acts well.

And I dont like the character Larry. He is a bastard(I meant the character, not the actor)

I think Anna(Julia) is still in love with Dan(Jude) even though she got back with Larry(clive owen).

And I think Alicia(Natalie Portman) made the right choice of choosing freedom.

Dan is a loser and pervert who cannot make up his mind.

Larry is a worse pervert and not so right in the mind.

And very importantly I donnoe what is the message supposed to be in this movie.

Actually I am not sure whether there is one.

My fren recommended this movie saying its good, but I could not find out what’s good about it.

Another reason for that could be because I cannot understand their english due to the heavy accent.

I also was wondering about something after seeing this movie.

Dan says he loves Alicia and have intimitate relationship with her.

Then he breaks of with her and says that he loves Anna and they have a intimitate relationship.

Then he goes back to Alicia after Anna gets back with her husband and says that he loves Alicia.

So who does he really love??

I thought you fall in love only once.

How come many fall in love so many times??

Is it love or lust??

What is it??


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