Something on my mind..



I was overwhelmed twice whild watching a movie. 

this is one instant in Devar Magan.

I was overwhelmed by these two giants presence on the screen..

The king of acting and the prince of acting.

The second instant was when Prakash Raj and Kamal appeared in VV at the start of the movie..

I was amazed when I saw these two great actors on screen, I really was awed by them.

It is very hard to see two great actors together like this and be overwhelmed.

I know nowadays, I tend to make short remarks and random observations and no lengthy posts.

I realised that I am not a person who can write a long post..

Regardless of how much I try, i cant write a long post.

I am always straight to the point.

 There was another thing I wanted to talk about.


I know I have already talked about this show some time back.

I think it was this week or maybe it was last week.

They have this topic where they asked are daughters better or sons better?

and to irritate me further, yesterday two ladies held a conversation where the topic was the suitable age for a girl to get married.

One said that it is between 23 to 25 years old.

Now i am not against defining age for marriage for girls.

There are many girls who get married even before that age.

What I hate is the tone of their conversation.

They talk like girls are burden they have to put down soon.

And I know I am not wrong to say many mothers and fathers have that attitude.

Why cant they have the same attitude towards their son??

Is it because they stay with their sons even after the sons get married??

Is it because they think that only their sons will look after them in their old age??

Now i can say that is not the case.

I am not saying all sons dont look after their parents but many daughters do the duty that the sons should be doing.

Then why do the parents still hold the kind of attitude towards daughters?

Esp our Indian families. It is hurting to know that parents view us as a burden.

And they do not think we as girls have a life too.

I want to live a life for myself after i finished studying.

I dont want to be answering someone for all my actions always.

Now I am answering my parents and soon I would have to do that to the person I marry.

What kind of life is this?




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  1. Hi there , i stumbled by ur blog when i searched about pesuvom . I had written a post about it and wanted to know if others had. I strongly agree with you. I think that the indian community here have not realised that we are first singaporeans only after are we Indians . The thought of sons are better than daughters is something that has been in the indian community for very long. To me the only solutions to all problems in the indian community here is when we start thinking of ourselves as singaporeans first then as indians ..
    Hope to hear from You !
    Keep rocking !
    Sheetal Ambar

  2. Hi Sheetal Ambar

    Thanks for your comment.
    I cant really say whether i agree or disagree with your solution. I do not understand why would you think that you have to think of yourself as a singaporean first and not an Indian…?? I feel that Singaporeans do not have a individual set of hmm values or smth to follow. It all comes from your culture. So if you change the way you think in your culture then you should be able to find solutions to the problems in the Indian community.

    On a separate note, I think that regardless of whether you think of yourself as a Singaporean or an Indian first, its a basic human thinking. Change your thinking, you can find a solution to the problems.

    I donnoe whether i make much sense but this is how I feel.. 🙂

  3. Hey Illakiyaa, I totally agree with you, its so sad even my mum thinks like this she also keeps repeating girl’s best age for marriage is between 23-25. Even my mum got married in young age but she’s against marrying her duaghters or anyone girl under 21 and thankgos she doesn’t think us as burden.
    You talknig about Indians, but Pakistani/Muslims are far more worse than this, trust me… I know someone who got his duaghter engaged when she was only 2 yrs old and when she grew older and wanted to be freed from this engagement her parents didn’t let her and for thier son they just compleltey different…. he got all freedom and never got engaged when was young.
    and how much you try but in our culture sons always have to be better than daughters, I so hate this…..
    But I think it is really hard almost impossible to change this thinking coz it’s not about today or few years bakc but way long back….its not only indan community but Pak’s too…
    I just wish somehow this changes, I really hope so 🙂

  4. And about being Singaporean first and Indian afterwards… well I can also say that I’m British 1st and Pakistani later but truth is wherever we live or have citizenship to which ever country but our culture which we inherit from our family is always 1st….. 🙂

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