You know friendship always takes alot of time and energy from everyone.

For many their, world revolves around their friends.

And you can say that I am one of such person.

Friends are not the only people I care about in my life.

But they sure do play a important part in my life like in many others.

Many times, i have heard many say that you shouldnt expect things from friends.

You should accept them as they are.

It is nice to hear but can it really be practiced in reality?

Can u have a close friend and not have expectations?

You can accept her or him as he or she is. But when you get close, you expect small things from them

And when you dont get them, it hurts you.

That expectations, how do we stop ourselves from hurting ourselves?

We may think the solution is to move away from them, but of course it doent work.

I guess the solution is to keep your expectations down.

I know its hard, but it works after a certain time length.

It just baffles me how this whole friendship works. But I guess its worth all the confusion and time.

And on a totally different note, I always wanted a dog. But since I am a asthamtic patient, I dont think its a very good idea.

But if can, in the future I am going to get a dog just like the one in the picture below…



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