I have a dream…


1.you know why nowadays saying “Sorry” doesnt mean anything??

because it is being used too often for too many trival things.

thats why the word “Sorry” no longer hold the value and the emotion that it should.

 2. graduate.gif

I always have been having this dream. The key word being ‘having’. I have not accomplished my dream yet. But i know i will one day soon.  I want to hold a scroll in my hands one day. And in that scroll should be a Phd and should have by Government of India. My lifelong dream to get a Phd in Tamil in Annamalai University. I am on the way. You just hold on Tamil Language… 😉

3. I am a huge fan of Kamalhassan. I love Thevar magan, Hey Ram, Nayagan and mundram pirai. My all time favourite. And they never fail to leave me in tears by the time the movies end.

4. At one point i had this sudden wish to be a representative of India in UN. Dont ask me what came over me. But i really did want to be. Even now if a miracle happens and i can be a Indian representative in UN, i would go without a second thought. but even a person like me have to be practical at times.

Today is a day for randomness..well for me everyday is randomness..

take it as it comes…:)


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