So I was seeing Stalin(Telugu movie).

I felt like watching a mixture of Captain’s various movies made into one.

Why would anyone want to follow Captain’s movies excluding some..I have no idea..

But there was this idea in the movie that was brought forward.

its actually a simple logic. But not many actually take the effort to think things out…

its helping three people and you ask each of them to help  more people and pass on..

like passing the torch to the next person to light up his that the whole world will be bright..

it sounds so right..

its not very hard to help 3 it??

I seriously want to try out and see it works..

but seeing the society as i see it, I dont know whether it will work..

but hey there is no fault in trying..

and if anyone do read this..u too give it a try..

U never know..miracles do happen..

and by the way the movie was adopted from Pay it forward an english movie…


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