Historical tamil movies always make me emotional..

They always manage to move me to tears.

Now the movie about Periyar named Periyar is out.

I desperately want to see the film.

I want to see whether it really brings out the great man as he was and is..

sometimes i think that all the blood, time, energy and effort our ancestors spend on trying to free the country from the British just went down the drain.

Many youngsters do not know about them. Soon a time would come when people would ask “who?”.

and sometimes the comparisons that people make between these great leaders and actors is just heart-breaking.

I once saw a painting on Indian rupee. Instead of Gandhiji’s picture, the painter put actor Rajinikanth’s picture.

He may be a good guy at heart, helping out poor and all. But can he be compared to the Father of the Nation. It is a DEFINITE NO. Comparisons like these make me doubt whether these fighters who gave their life for the country would be remembered in later years. I know there would be books and all in the library. What is use of books when one cannot be remembered in the hearts?

When I was thinking of the movie Periyar, I also started thinking of V.O.C.

He is someone who said that if he doesnt return with a ship, he would jump in the middle of the sea.

And who came to see him when he came out of jail after suffering of this country. Only One soul came.

sighz..its very saddening.

Something i wrote long back when I was feeling like i am feeling today… 

நாட்டுக்காக இளமையை பலமாக,

கையை ஆயிதமாக,

மனதை இரும்பாக,

ஆடையை கொடியாக,

உயிரைத் துச்சமாக மாற்றினர்.

பாரத தாய் மாற்றான் கையிலிருந்து

விடுதலை பெற்றாள்,

இவர்களைப் போன்ற தேச பக்தர்களால்.

ஆனால் இப்போதோ சமுதாய

கரையான்களிடமிருந்து எப்போது

விடுதலை பெறுவாள்?

அதற்கு மற்றோரு மகாத்மா தேவையா?

இன்னோரு வி.ஓ.சி தேவையா?



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