Today is a very slow day but a peaceful day as i have said what I wanted to, to whom I should.

I am not sad, I just have realised things… So ya…

Went to the usual temple outing like every saturday.

Read a book. And saw lots and lots of  b0006gvk2k_02_lzzzzzzz.jpg..ya Fresh Prince of Bel-Air..

and laughed alot..

I also saw shaadino1-s.jpgShaadi No. 1..Ya i know i shouldnt have wasted by time watching that junk for 2 hours…actually more then 2 was oozing with glamour at every turn that i felt disgusted…And Esha Deol who has such a sweet face and who can do more then that useless glamour roles just wasted her talent and time on that movie..And Sanjay Dutt, he is a useless character in that movie…

So now that i have wasted my day away till 730pm…I guess I will read another book..

now this is called life..:)


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