I was seeing this guy Josh Blue, a stand up comedian on channel 5 today.

There is something wrong with his hands. and still he manages to make everyone around him happy and also make fun of himself.He can laugh at himself.

How can he do that?? I am sure there would be people who tease him about his hands. I am sure there would have been people who belittled him but he still can laugh.

And this got me thinking. Why Do i take things seriously?? Why cant I be happy and make those around me happy?? Why do even small things make such a impact on me?? I know I am a serious person. I can be rude and direct many times. But at the same time, I used to laugh a lot. A lot of giggles and alot of bursts of sudden laughter…Now they seem to be missing. I dont know where I lost them. I know they are somewhere in me. I know I can be a happy person. Seeing this comedian, made me realise, I can change myself. Be more happy…Be more optimist and be more light in my heart…

And I know I am going to do it.. 🙂

Thanks Josh!!!


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