Three in a row(-1)



I wanted to write three posts today including the one i previous one.

The first one is on the movie JUST MARRIED.

It has alot of actors and actress. The lead characters are Fardeen Khan and Esha Deol.

What I gathered from the movie is that Esha and Fardeen are newly married couple who go on honeymoon. And there they meet, 3 more couples.

It is supposed to show the awakward feelings between two young people who had a arranged marriage. How hard they are trying to cope with this new relationship and the intimacy. The other couples are supposed to portray the various types of people who are brought together by love or marriage.

For one thing, the leading actor and actress did not have the chemistry. Nor did any of the other couples. The attempt at trying to insert comedy at various parts of the movie is a failure. It could have been a sweet movie. And the other major minus the ending. No one in that bus which is on the verge of falling of a cliff could pull of the right expression and feeling. The feeling of fear for one’s life and the life of thier loved ones. In short the ending was dumb. It could have been a movie worthwhile to watch if, the actors and actresses could have acted well and also if there was some chemistry between the couples.So I shall conclude the review here.


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