Is money the only motive now?


I was talking a friend online a while back. When i was talking to him he said some things that me think. I have decided to make a drastic change in my life. This change is not going to promote my paper value but is going to degrade. Yes, I have applied to do a lower degree then the one I am currently doing. And the field I have chosen is one field that very few take on. It is teaching I am talking about. My friend was telling me that people become teachers because they could not get into any other jobs or into courses they want. Is that true? I really want to know. He was telling me that if a person who is a teacher is offered $10,000 per month to work as a secretary, that person would quit teaching to earn the higher pay. Does that mean all or most teachers do not have passion in what they do? For that matter, do people take into consideration the high pay that they will get as the most important factor to deciding their job instead of seeing whether they have the interest and the passion? Is money the only motive now? Do they get the satisfaction when they make the decision based on the salary? I would really like to know. I know money is one of the important factors, but I seriously didnt realise that money is the one that decides what you are going to do with your life. For instant, taking me as an example: I let myself think that computer engineers will get good pay and thats why i chose this field to study even when I didnt have the interest and I regret my decision. I thought the salary was important and i was not satisfied with my life as i was not doing something that I enjoy. I realised that I do not want to do a job which would make my life on earth hell. Is that how everyone thinks? or they can take the unfulfillness of life because they are working in a job that pays well? I have known teachers who have dedicated their lifes to teaching. And i am also sad to note that most of them were not youngsters. They are nearing retirement. I do not see many youngsters taking teaching as a passion. What does this show?? I have no answers but a lot questions. I hope someone would provide some enlightment.


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