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The talk of the month is CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007 held in West Indies.
India was in Group B along with Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bermuda.
It played 3 games, winning 1 and losing 2.
It lost the first game against Bangladesh with 191 runs and all wickets out while Bangladesh won by 5 wickets.
The next game was against Bermuda in which India redeemed itself from the lose it had against Bangladesh. It won with a 413 runs and 5 wickets while Bermuda lost with 156 runs and all wickets out.
The last game, the determing game of whether India stays in the World cup or not was played against Sri Lanka.
Unfortunately it lost by 69 runs with all wickets out. India got 185 runs and Sri Lanka got 254 runs with 6 wickets out.So in the end India didnt go to the super 8.

When I realised that India didnt go proceed onto the next stage and instead is returning home with a humilating lost to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. I was angry and sad. I even cried. I blamed the team members for not playing. I blamed the captain for not planning out well and most importantly I blamed Sachin for getting out with one miserable run. And i am quite sure that I am not the only one who did all the above. Even though the pain is still here, now I am angry not with our loss but because of our fans’ violent reaction in India. I do not live in India so I know how other people from other countries see our reaction. They see it as a motivation to insult our India Team right in front of our face. This violent reaction gives them the thought they can get away with any insult they throw at the players.

We are not the only one who feel hurt and angry over the defeat. Our players feel more pain and guilt. I am tired of hearing of everyone and anyone blaming MY COUNTRY’S TEAM. Regardless of whether they lose or win, THEY ARE THE BEST!!!..This world cup is not the end of the world. There are many more world cups to come and many more chances for us to make ourself proud. And not only that, LOSING THIS GAME DOESNT MEAN THAT OUR TEAM DIDNT MAKE US INDIANS AT ALL PROUD AT ALL. THEY HAVE DONE US PROUD MANY TIMES IN THE PAST AND THEY WILL IN THE FUTURE.

The same Sachin whom we insulted for losin wicket with one run…
Sachin Tendulkar

~holds the record of most appearances in both Tests and ODIs, most runs in both Tests and ODIs
~holds the record of most centuries in Tests and ODIs

The same team that we are blaming and burning their life sized dolls…
As a team

~team’s highest is 413/5 against Bermuda in the 2007 Cricket World Cup.
~set a world record of the highest winning margin of 257 runs in a World Cup 2007 Match.
~Anil Kumble emulated Jim Laker to become the second bowler to take all ten wickets in a Test match innings when he took 10 wickets for 74 runs against Pakistan at the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi in 1999.

The same players whom we are trying to get sacked from the team…
world records

~Sachin Tendulkar’s century tally (in Tests and ODIs) and run tally (in ODIs).
~Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s 183 not out against Sri Lanka in 2005 is the World Record score by a wicketkeeper in ODIs.
~Roy and Mankad’s first wicket partnership of 413 is a world record for the first wicket, although it was close to being broken by Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid in 2006.
~The Indian cricket team also holds the record of 17 successful run-chases in ODIs

I also want to share 3 articles which shows how heart broken our players are and also how others think they have a right to insult our players just coz Indians are doing it for the world to see.

First article

When Tendulkar cried
Cricket News / Ashish Shukla

ANTIGUA, March 26: Team India is set to return home but most players have yet to recover from the sight of Sachin Tendulkar openly shedding tears after the loss to Sri Lanka on Friday.

Tendulkar had tears streaming down his cheeks after Munaf Patel was caught on the squareleg fence by Chaminda Vaas. It brought to end India’s disastrous chase of Sri Lanka’s reasonable target and more or less shut them out of the 2007 World Cup.

Tendulkar, who had contributed nothing to India’s chase earlier in the day, being clean bowled by Dilhara Fernando, first tried to control his emotions but unable to do so, locked himself in the bathroom lest he made a spectacle of self in the public.

A couple of junior cricketers in the side were so taken aback by the sight that they themselves started to cry.

It’s little secret that Tendulkar desperately wanted to do well in this World Cup and be a part of the winning team. The “little master” in his glorious career more or less achieved everything he set out to do, but his World Cup dream is unlikely to be realized now.

Young fast bowler S Sreesanth’s emotions got better of him as he too broke into tears. He was consoled by close friend Robin Utthapa, who on his part was so nervous and upset that he kept drinking cups of coffee. Sreesanth just couldn’t stop crying and kept saying: “Why God did this to us?”

While Tendulkar and Sreesanth gave vent to their emotions, fast bowler Zaheer Khan broke a chair in the dressing room. After making a spectacular comeback to the Indian team, Zaheer’s colleagues said that he was desperate to make amends from the last World Cup final where he let his adrenalin get better of him.

Rahul Dravid, by all accounts, was himself tearful while Sourav Ganguly, behind his glasses, sat stunned on his seat.

Coach Greg Chappell had given up on the team during the match. As soon as Mahendra Singh Dhoni was out, going back and finding himself plumb in front to Muthiah Muralitharan, he got up and switched off the television.

As far as he was concerned, there was little else to see.

His vision and work of past 18 months had come crashing down in a matter of a week.

Second Article
Moody is not impressed by India
Cricket News / Ashish Shukla

PORT OF SPAIN (Trinidad), March 15: India has brought about a sea-change in the general perception about its capability in a matter of few weeks but Sri Lankan coach Tom Moody is not taken in by it at all.

“We know how India is in India and how they perform abroad. The two things are completely different so we are not too upset by what happened in India last month,” remarked Moody with a nonchalance.

Moody was referring to the four-match one-dy series in India in February when his Sri Lankan side was outclassed by the hosts on rampage. It soared India’s stock to the extent that they are being rated as second favourites to win the World Cup, after world champions Australia.

This after they were thrashed 4-0 in South Africa: didn’t make it to the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy at home and came a cropper in the triangular in Malaysia also last October. Not to forget, they were smashed 4-1 by West Indies when the two teams contested a one-day series in the Caribbean last summer.

“We are in the Caribbean now. The conditions and the environment here is so different. This is what counts and not what had happened in India,” stressed Moody.

Moody rated his side as one of the major favourites to win the present World Cup but believed the key would be how well they execute their plans.

“There are a number of teams that can win it and we feel we are one of them. It’s up to us now to execute our plans as best as we can under pressure and make sure we don’t make as many mistakes as the opposition,” said Moody.

Moody is aware his side has players who are multi-dimensional and possess an ability to win the present World Cup.

“I think depth and versatility will be the key. The teams having ability to throw the ball to a number of different options on the field and take advantage of different conditions have an advantage.

“A team that bats deep is going to have an advantage as well, but again there may be a completely different view in a week’s time when we have seen some more cricket.”

Moody also came out in defence of minnows who are the butt of most criticism pertaining to the present World Cup.

“There are pretty good teams out there. Bangladesh are a side that have beaten top teams, including us, in the past.

“Scotland, Ireland, Kenya are decent sides, so I am sure every nation that consider itself in the top bracket will be very much on their toes when they play these minnows.”

As many as six non-Test-playing nations are in the fray for the mega one-day event. Bermuda and Ireland are making their Cup debuts while Scotland, Kenya, the Netherlands and Canada are the other teams.

And lastly the article that broke my heart and should break yours if u are a true India…

“Do you still want our autographs?”
Cricket News / Ashish Shukla

TRINIDAD, March 28: It was Tuesday noon when Indian team lined up outside the hotel for departure to airport on way back to home when a fan approached them for autographs and the grim reality hit them in the guts.

“Don’t tell me you still need our autographs,” said Mahinder Singh Dhoni with a sigh, reflecting on the disastrous campaign which the team had in the 2007 World Cup.

“You cricketers are heroes and would remain heroes,” said the eager fan in earnest, and ironically, it deflated Dhoni further “We are down, don’t break us even more.”

Dhoni was reflecting on the disappointment India’s campaign must have had on millions of team’s followers.

Near to Dhoni was his good made Irfan Pathan who sported a different profile from the one with which he came to the West Indies late February. Pathan now has his head completely shaved and such a barren profile was an indication that the left-arm medium-pacer was willing to resume his career from the scratch.

Somewhere down the corridor was Ajit Agarkar who made a telling poignant remark: “It’s the first time when we really are in no hurry to go back home. Usually, we look forward to a tour finishing quickly so that we could return home. But this is different.”

Virender Sehwag, phlegmatic at best of times, was at hand encouraging his team-mates to take the matter on chin. He was encouraging everyone to hold their ground and face any situation which might confront them in India.

Elsewhere skipper Rahul Dravid was looking extremely relaxed, a person who perhaps has come to terms with India’s debacle. A pragmatic, positive man at the best of times, Dravid it seems has lost little time in regaining his poise.

Coach Greg Chappell appeared with his wife Gill, the Indian board’s blazer, flung carelessly across his forearm. A kind of symbiotic relation which many believe wouldn’t work for very long.

Harbhajan Singh was his pesky self but clearly disappointed at how things have shaped up. He looked up at heavens and wondered what the Gods next have in store for them.

As bus began to move, one could spot Sourav Ganguly, plugged on to songs on his Ipod. It was as if he was preparing himself for the music his fellow cricketers, or he, could face from the selectors back home.

The team would reach London together and then break up in flights which would take them to their respective destinations.

Source for all the 3 articles:

If these articles dont make our Indians see the way they are behaving is wrong, I dont know what would do. Show support and not critisism for our players. They are down as much as we are or even more then we are. Please be an true Indian and show our full support and love.

By Mahes

Stand by the Indian team in failure and not just during victory!

If you feel disappointed, imagine how awful they feel?

To everyone who is an Indian..We are a nation of one billion people and have a lot to be proud of what Team India has achieved. Cricket is one of the passion running through the country. Yah definitely we would feel very much disappointed by how we have lost in the world cup at the first round itself but this doesn’t mean we can go around pointing our fingers back at the team whom we have supported, prayed for and wished every second that they would win initially and saying that they are the at full fault for our failure in World Cup 2007. How could we go around saying that the whole team should be sacked? How could any true fan of cricket actually conduct funerals for the very same person they supported with full heart and prayed for? Why one earth Indians themselves are sending around the world insulting emails of our players and pictures that insults our players? Are we not all Indians? We are all disappointed but how can we ever lose respect for these players who worked so hard for the past 4 years and represented India in the world cup. It is foolishness to judge anyone without actually being in their shoes. Every time, we lose, there is either a discussion on team selection, batting order, toss decision and debate over coaches and captains and ex-captains but how come no one bothers to think of the times when the players have made our country proud in front of the world with all their achievements?World Cup
ICC Champions Trophy
Commonwealth Games
Asia Cup

• 1975: Round 1
• 1979: Round 1
• 1983: Champions
• 1987: Semi Finals
• 1992: Round 1
• 1996: Semi Finals
• 1999: Super 6 (6th Place)
• 2003: Runners Up
• 2007: Round 1
• 1998: Semi Finals
• 2000: Runners Up
• 2002: Joint Winner with Sri Lanka
• 2004: Round 1
• 2006: Group stage • 1998: Round 1
• 1984: Champions
• 1986: Boycott
• 1988: Champions
• 1990/1991: Champions
• 1995: Champions
• 1997: Runners Up
• 2000: 3rd Place
• 2004: Runners Up

These are not the only achievements of our team. They have made us proud at many other instances. Don’t let our team down in front of so many other countries. If it is not us who support our own team and don’t look down on them who else would? The world would just laugh at the way we blame our own players in the name of saying we are great fans of cricket. Please do not say hurtful comments about our Indian team if u do not wish to support and Stand by the Indian team as a proud Indian. Stop circulating forward mails, smses and putting things up on players such as U-tube that disgrace our team. Do your part as an Indian to stop all this.Our team just needs encouragement at this point of time.

By Shanthi


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