Am back…


I know…I have disappeared from the blogging world for some time..actually for a lot of time…
The main reason was coz my net connection wasn’t working.
And the second main reason is coz I don have anything to blog on.
Sch sem is rushy as always.
The only thing I can say is that I have been attending most of the tutorials and lectures and listening to missed lectures faithfully online.
Ya that sounds ok..but still its not ok.
But I shall not go into my studies.
It is always depressing to think of my studies.
Other den hav been going on as a stable choo choo train..
Don ask me why I compared my life to a choo choo train..haha
The main highlight I have to say is the world cup..ya cricket world cup have started..
I am praying India would win.
The first game is on 17th march against Bangladesh.
And the 2nd highlight(s) of my life this year are the 21st bday..we had jan’z 21st was in chalet and it was very fun..i enjoyed myself and after effect was maigrain and asthama..
It always happens after a loud day..
But still it was fun..
Next bday is shanthi..22 years old.
I have no idea what to do for her but we will come up with smth in time…J
Other then this its boring I gotta get back to my books…


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